Landscape Sprinklers that last

Gordon’s Landscaping offers maintenance and repairs on all types of Landscape Sprinklers for nearly every brand of sprinkler & drip irrigation systems.

Repairs Include:

  • Landscape SprinklersController Repair
  • Valve Locating and Repair
  • Leak Detection and Repair
  • Rain Sensor Installation & Repair
  • Wiring Repair
  • Electrical Troubleshooting
  • Sprinkler Head Repair
  • Pressure Problem Troubleshooting
  • Backflow Testing
  • Design and Equipment Upgrades
  • Post Landscaping Design and Remodeling

Our technicians are fully trained and experienced. We have all of the tools and equipment to service almost every type of lawn sprinkler system. To schedule a service in Colorado Springs, call 719-362-5001 today.

Seasonal services

Landscape Sprinklers IIAs soon as the winter weather breaks, we recommend our spring service to get your sprinkler system up and running for the season. Winter ground heaving, snowfall and snow removal can all take a toll on your sprinkler heads. Our spring service inspects for all the issues winter leaves behind.

As well, from year to year your landscape changes, shrubs and trees grow and sometimes landscape is redesigned and changes. At the time of Spring Start-up, we review the design of your current irrigation system to recommend changes that will ensure your irrigation system meet the needs of all of your lawn and plants. From a simple head change, to the addition of entire zones, our technicians will work with you to optimize turf and plant coverage.

We will check all the components to ensure your system is fully functional for the watering season.

Spring Service includes:

  • Turn water on to the sprinkler system and inspect the Backflow device.
  • Reprogram the controller, set watering schedule and test all valves in the system.
  • Install new battery in the controller for battery back up.
  • Inspect and adjust the system for proper coverage.
  • Check for each zone for leaks.
  • Check function of all heads and nozzles.

Mid Season Check ups:

To get the most efficiency from your irrigation system we have a mid season checkup option. We offer  time sensitive summer visits to evaluate and adjust the operation of your irrigation system.  This will greatly reduce your potential for water waste by efficiently adjusting your watering schedule for current summer weather conditions, when your lawn needs it most!

Fall Winterization:

We experience cold temperatures as early as October. Consequently, your irrigation system must be properly winterized to safeguard against freeze damage.

  • Our Winterization service includes:
  • Turn water off to the sprinkler system.
  • Deactivate controller and valves.
  • Clear all lines of water with commercial compressors, and open manual drains and faucets

Because the timing of the arrival of cold weather varies from season to season, we recommend our winterization service as Early as October.

Lawn Sprinkler System Contractor Colorado Springs, CO.

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